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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Name of Horses of Islamic Heroes

This article is to let the common people know, what were the names of the horses of the important personalities of Islam.

The main ingredient of the warfare in those days was horse and all the expertise of the warrior was to keep in tune with his horse. The horses of these people were all more important and here I am providing the names of the horses of Four important personalities of Islamic world. 

Moula Ali (Alyehis Salaam) is the most personality of the not only Islamic world but also termed as the father of modern grammar. He is the person who had made the grammar of Arabic language which has inspired grammar of all the languages of present world. He was a great warrior. He was also son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Name of his horse was Majali.

Imam Husain (Alyehis Salaam) son of Moula Ali (Alyehis Salaam) was martyred in the land of Karbala. He did not kneel to the then ruler of Islamic world who was not ruling on the Islamic frame. He was cordoned in the land of Karbala when he was traveling out of the geographic boundaries of the Islamic world. His friends and family members were massacred at Karbala. Only 72 warriors were to restrain the huge force of 1,00,000 army. Till date the message of Imam Husain (Alyehis Salaam) on peace to this world in indispensible.

Name of his horse was Murtajiz. The other popular name of his horse which is common for the people of the present world is Zuljana or Zuljanah .

Hazrat Abbas (Alyehis Salaam) was the brother of Imam Husain (AS) and the commander of the army of Imam Husian (AS) in the battle of Karbala. No warrior of the then Islamic world was match to his warfare. He was expert with all the arms used in war in those days.

Name of his horse was Ashal.

Hazrat Ali Akbar (Alyehis Salaam) was the eldest son of Imam Husain (AS). He had an uproarious and delightful voice, on the morning of the day of Ashura, Hussain ibn Ali asked Ali Akbar to say the azaan. Hussain ibn Ali, and numerous ladies in their tents, started to sob when Ali Akbar started getting out the azaan, realizing that it might be the last time they are listening to Ali Akbar's azaan.

Ali Akbar remained before Hussain ibn Ali after Zuhr requests to God and said, "Father I demand for consent to go and battle the adversaries of Islam." His father provided for him authorization and said, "Might Allah be with you! However Akbar, you know the amount your mother, sisters, and aunties adore you. Go and say goodbye to them." Ali Akbar went into the tent of his mother. Each time he needed to leave the tent his mother, aunties, and sisters would pull his shroud and say, "O Akbar, How will we live without you?" Hussain ibn Ali needed to beg all to release Ali Akbar.

Hussain ibn Ali helped his child mount his horseUkab. As Akbar started to ride towards the combat zone he heard strides behind him. He thought back and saw his father. He said, "Father, we have said farewell. Why are you strolling behind me?" Hussain ibn Ali answered, "My child, on the off chance that you had a child like yourself then you would have most likely caught on!"

It was this tragic last meeting of father and son…

Name of his horse was Ukab.

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