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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Peace in world in the name of innocent martyr

This blog post is an introduction to the most dreaded tragedy of the world i.e. Karbala. How a small child of six months of age was not spared. Ali Asghar son of Imam Hussain and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the most innocent martyr of the world and the sole motivational force for Peace in this world since Second World War…

Whole world is aware about the tragedy of Karbala which has been marked as a scare on the humanity. It was an episode wherein the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Imam Hussain (AS) was massacred in the lands of Karbala in Iraq on to the reason that he had rejected the request of the then ruler Yezid to show his allegiance to him as a ruler. It should not be misinterpreted as a revolt of a revolutionary but it was against the un-Islamic rule of the then ruler. Imam Hussain said to the ruler when he asked for his allegiance, “A person like me will never show his allegiance to a person like you”. This statement proves to the rule which may not be acceptable to anyone who is of sane mind. Pay allegiance to Yazid was nothing short of acknowledging the devil as God.

Remember battlefield is only for the worriers but with Husain there were ladies, children and aged friends. It was the terrorist ideas of Yazid that his men were all prepared for the war, to suppress the noble voice of real Islam.

Imam Hussain left his hometown Mecca in order to avoid bloodshed in that holy city and started his journey with his family members towards Kufa a town in Iraq. On getting the news that mercenary of Yezid has taken over Kufa, Imam Hussain  asked passage towards India. But it was the commander of Yezid forces who intercepted the Imam and thus Imam Hussain moved towards Karbala. This land was the silent spectator to the tyrant and inhuman rule of Yezid. Imam Hussain had 72 friends who were slain in the thirst of desert on the 10 day of Moharram (Muharram) –the first month of the Islamic calendar– as the forces of Yezid had stopped water supply to the camps of Imam Hussain.

In this desert with no water for three days the youngest son of Husain–Ali Asghar (AS), only six months of age–could not have his mother’s nectar either, made Husain to beg for water from the terrorist of that time. He addressed the army to give some water to the child in order to save his life and child is loveable to the hardest criminal. The address of Husain was answered in form of dart, which transfixed the thirsty neck of Ali Asghar and also the arm of Husain. These acts are of terrorist not of humans.

In the Second World War when there were numerous casualties it was thought of to bring in peace in this world. The history of the world was read to know who was the most humble and innocent martyr. It was only Ali Asghar son of Imam Hussain who was killed in the lands of Karbala at the age of six months. A French poet Alexander Ginil was asked to write a poem in the honour of Ali Asghar, which translated in all the languages of the world. An appeal was asked for in the name of Ali Asghar for peace in the world.

It was the French poet Alexander Ginil who composed a poem in honour of Ali Asghar of 1500 couplets, portraying that Ali Asghar is the most innocent martyr of the world.

Here are some of the couplets for the readers:

Ali Asghar, celestial star of every child;
Master of bruised bodies and hearts triumphant;
Towards thee rises, time without end, the unquenchable;
Flame of eternal love, which thou to our souls hast given.

The martyrdom in the middle of the stifling desert of Karbala;
held close in thy father’s arms;
In the midst of thousands of sorrows;
In the desert which saw thy doom and thy victory;
Will exalt without end the love in our hours;
Thy young bloodshed in honour’s name;
Like a sun dying in its own purpled glory.

The little innocents were refused a drop of water;
And the victims of the tyrants fury;
But thy death, noble child, facing the armies;
Thy martyrdom among the deserts scorching stones;
Will, attest forever the wickedness of the tyrants;
Who left thee too perish of a terrible thirst;
And to thy dying lips;
Refusing the charity of a drop of water;
The end in the scorching desert.

Child: You have risen above the tribes of the world;
You have risen like a star of stars;
In the arms of your venerated father;
Your death fertilized the desert sands;
And in every heart you reached the pinnacle of love.

At the Day of Judgment, We too shall say: Karbala!
Thy martyrdom, O our Master Ali Asghar;
has engraved Thee in our hearts;
Thy name shall ever be on our lips!
From your place so high, pray with us;
for an age of Gold, so that Justice; Will open up all paths!
Never can we think of Karbala;
without remembering Thy glorious martyrdom;
now we shall ever pray that a new era;
of Love and Justice and Peace;
shall reign in our world for ever.

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