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Monday, November 11, 2013

5th Muharram of Amroha

This article contains information of the Muharram procession (juloos) of Amroha of 5th Muharram.

The procession (juloos) of 5th Muharram starts from Imambara Rafiqi Saqqa. This Imambara was constructed by Musammat Tajdaulat about 248 year ago (this is including the year when this article is being penned).

Alams of 5 Muharram
Zuljana of 5 Muharram
Alam of 5 Muharram
The procession (juloos) of 5th Muharram has following symbolic articles beside the common camels and other articles which are to be found with the regular Muharram processions of Amroha.

Camels part of Muharram procession (juloos)
Araaish part of 3 Muharram procession (juloos)

Alams and procession (juloos) of 5 Muharram

Alams (flags): 2 Kamate Alam and 4 Pharera Alam
Araaish (Tableau): 7 small araaish and 2 roshanchowki
Taboot (symbol of Death Body): One taboot
Zuljana (Horse): One Zuljana

This procession (juloos) covers route of 16.5 kilometers which is within the city of Amroha. Behind the Zuljana the people recite Daura (Shaheed-E-Karbala; Husain). First five or six lines recite the first line and the rest of the people a part of the procession (juloos) answer by saying Husain…Husain…Husain.

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