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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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DOG IS GOD - WRONG STATEMENT by NADEEM NAQVI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

On going to the local market my nephew protested to come along. I planned to walk instead of going in a vehicle. He has a habit of asking questions which is the curiosity of their age. This generation unlike ours has more questions to be answered too, which indicates the technological advancement with which they are born. The younger generation has the ability to understand the working of the latest gadgets, play games online, which we still have to learn sometimes.
I remember the days when they (my twin nephews) were only four years old used to sit on my lap while I used to work on my computer and they would prompt on the opening of the initial screen, “Windows”. In our childhood days for us this word, ‘Windows,’ was symbolic only to view outside world or feel the cool breeze on a rainy day. But for them the same word is an operating system which helps them to view the outside world except of the cool breeze. This generation is intelligent having quick reflexes to which we at that age were dull.
While walking on the road my elder nephew said, “God is sleeping”. I was shocked to this remark of his. I enquired as to why he was saying so anticipating that due to night he has said so, as his mother while making them sleep say, “Go to sleep as everything sleeps at night”. I told him, “God is above all the physical aspects of life, He doesn’t feel tired, He doesn’t feel hungry, He doesn’t go to sleep, and He never takes rest”. But to my surprise my nephew again repeated the sentence and I controlling my anger said, “Why are your saying this!” To my astonishment he pointed towards a sleeping street dog, to which I said, “Dear it is a dog”. He chewed his lips, stood there for a while which was a signal to me that he was proving to be in a state of confusion. I politely asked, “What is the matter, dear, what are you thinking?” He only said, “Let’s go to the market,” and he started to ramble.
All the way in the market I was confused and he was quiet. Way back both of us had the silence of death amongst us. I was quiet for not to trouble the tender mind, but his way of walking was more than enough to indicate his perplexed state of mind. He quickly ascended the stairs and the moment I entered the house he came to me with the issue of the India Today, Spice (September 2009). Giving it to me he said, “Look at this!” To my question, “What?” he quickly turned the pages to page number forty four of the magazine titled ‘Trend’, which advertised about Wilbur a pet pooch from Chihauhauas to German Shepherds, captioned ‘DOG IS GOD’ collection (photo of the page attached).
I sat there and wondered what ethics we are entrusting in our children was destroyed with a simple advertisement of the present day. Though it is a work of the Western world but still they will never appreciate their children to address dog as God. Can anyone tell me what should I reply to my nephew to what he has been asking from me, "Why here they have printed that 'Dog is God'?"
Wake-up media if these types of advertisements keep dropping in the ethics will evaporate from our planet Earth. Save Earth with Ethics!

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