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Saturday, June 20, 2009


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FEMALES: THE POWER WITHIN POWERED by NADEEM NAQVI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.
Women liberation a topic misleading the calm power of the females to detract the culture in a broader prospective…
Sitting in a restaurant with a female friend of mine–friend who should know all the problems of a friend–who was uncomfortable and feeling dizzy, I asked, “Is there some problem?” “No,” was an instant reply. I considering her health, suggested her to meet some other day to which she objected as for her time was constrained. But her attitude was not permitting me to be normal in our discussion. I reasoned for a false implication of going somewhere and dropped her home. ‘She has never reacted in this stupid manner then what was her problem today?’ thought haunted me for a close friend, as concern is inevitable. I discussed it with mother of another friend–a gynecologist–regarding the behaviour she was having—doctor has known both of us since our childhood. The reply to the abnormal behaviour was catamenia; which she could have herself told me before coming to meet me. Still, the females are shy to discuss the disorder which is inevitable, and we are discussing the liberation of women.
One of the co-writers in a column in India Today has been using the expression ‘Woman of Today’. I personally consider a woman to be a beacon of adoration and also the prime source of pollination of the human-race since ages and now to corrupt her identity the terms like ‘Woman of Today’ is being used.
The population of the world can be divided into two major segments — male and female. Male and female are not only different in the constitutional aspect but are also by virtue in relation to their nature and temperamental inclination. Though the difference is like the poles of the magnet still the Creator of the universe has bestowed the elements like attraction, love, adoration, and mercy among the both which keep them inclined to one another. These elements implanted in them since birth are must for the smooth and hassle-free progress of the universe and the existence of the humanity.
In respect to the sexual liberty for the female I also consider it to be a part of freedom in one's life, but still, the liberty has some fencing. Standard of today are much higher for women; is only a sham and slogans to detract the society from a cultured one to an uncultured one. In the later years of the last century and the early years of the present century, serials started with the woman liberation being the prime motive. The female viewers raised the TRP and the organization from scratch became a big production house. Now if you talk to the keen viewers of those serials the response is, “The word woman has been degraded by the maker and we were only viewing to understand the fashion trends. All these so-called family soups should be off-air”.
In today’s world the woman has learned to voice her demands and problems but still, I don’t find a single lady in the present society to compete to the towering personalities of Rani Lakshmibai, Razia Sultan, Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi, etc. Female is the power to nurture the culture and has always created stories which made the greatest saying of the west, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman,’ we have never heard anything vice versa. Today woman is on the highest rank in offices and even our Head of the State, but still, the liberty of woman is being talked about only in urban India, though the roots are still weak and the condition is apathetic.
If talking about the atrocities on women, the system has to be changed. The ego of not tolerating a female boss considering anything to everything, respecting woman as the root for the family, discussing problems as only the opposite sex can render; a different viewpoint, are only few thing which should be done in order to respect the other half of God’s creation and thus respecting God, which could start from one's own house and prove ‘Charity begins at home’.

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