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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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DOG IS GOD - WRONG STATEMENT by NADEEM NAQVI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

On going to the local market my nephew protested to come along. I planned to walk instead of going in a vehicle. He has a habit of asking questions which is the curiosity of their age. This generation unlike ours has more questions to be answered too, which indicates the technological advancement with which they are born. The younger generation has the ability to understand the working of the latest gadgets, play games online, which we still have to learn sometimes.
I remember the days when they (my twin nephews) were only four years old used to sit on my lap while I used to work on my computer and they would prompt on the opening of the initial screen, “Windows”. In our childhood days for us this word, ‘Windows,’ was symbolic only to view outside world or feel the cool breeze on a rainy day. But for them the same word is an operating system which helps them to view the outside world except of the cool breeze. This generation is intelligent having quick reflexes to which we at that age were dull.
While walking on the road my elder nephew said, “God is sleeping”. I was shocked to this remark of his. I enquired as to why he was saying so anticipating that due to night he has said so, as his mother while making them sleep say, “Go to sleep as everything sleeps at night”. I told him, “God is above all the physical aspects of life, He doesn’t feel tired, He doesn’t feel hungry, He doesn’t go to sleep, and He never takes rest”. But to my surprise my nephew again repeated the sentence and I controlling my anger said, “Why are your saying this!” To my astonishment he pointed towards a sleeping street dog, to which I said, “Dear it is a dog”. He chewed his lips, stood there for a while which was a signal to me that he was proving to be in a state of confusion. I politely asked, “What is the matter, dear, what are you thinking?” He only said, “Let’s go to the market,” and he started to ramble.
All the way in the market I was confused and he was quiet. Way back both of us had the silence of death amongst us. I was quiet for not to trouble the tender mind, but his way of walking was more than enough to indicate his perplexed state of mind. He quickly ascended the stairs and the moment I entered the house he came to me with the issue of the India Today, Spice (September 2009). Giving it to me he said, “Look at this!” To my question, “What?” he quickly turned the pages to page number forty four of the magazine titled ‘Trend’, which advertised about Wilbur a pet pooch from Chihauhauas to German Shepherds, captioned ‘DOG IS GOD’ collection (photo of the page attached).
I sat there and wondered what ethics we are entrusting in our children was destroyed with a simple advertisement of the present day. Though it is a work of the Western world but still they will never appreciate their children to address dog as God. Can anyone tell me what should I reply to my nephew to what he has been asking from me, "Why here they have printed that 'Dog is God'?"
Wake-up media if these types of advertisements keep dropping in the ethics will evaporate from our planet Earth. Save Earth with Ethics!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Saviour of Humanity

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Saviour of Humanity by NADEEM NAQVI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

An event, which took place in the land of Iraq some 1400 years ago, is still fresh in the human memories. Even the best healer–time–has not been able to heal this tragic episode.
The beloved grandson of Prophet Mohammad (P.U.H.), Husain with only 72 followers, who were symbol of humanity, peace, love, brotherhood, submission, etc. fought a battle against the evil to the surprising ratio of 72:100,000. These 72 worriers were deprived of even the basic necessity–water–for three days. All this happened in the desert of Iraq where thirst is the biggest enemy of human life.
After the demise of Prophet Mohammad (P.U.H.), the so-called Muslim of that time used sword to spread Islam—which was not admissible to the family of the Prophet. Moaviyah and his illegitimate son Yazid took the reins of Islam by sword and money power. Yazid started interfering in the fundamentals of the faith and practiced every vice and wickedness freely with the highest degree of impunity and yet held himself out as the successor of the Holy Prophet, demanding allegiance to himself as the leading guide of the faith. Pay allegiance to Yazid was nothing short of acknowledging the devil as God. People under this ruler were at unrest. From Kufa–another town in Iraq–the residents wrote letters to Husain assuring him to uproot the rule of Yazid and thus requiring his help. On frequent reminders, Husain started his journey from his birthplace Medina towards Kufa. On the way, news reached Husain that most of his true followers were killed and the remaining ones have turned hostile under the influence of Yazid. This made Husain to turn towards Karbala—a town on the banks of Euphrates. On the way, Yazid's force in the command of Hur were given water to quench their thirst by Husain’s men, much of the stored water was utilised in this human gesture. On the destined land, the Yazid’s forces stopped Husain and demanded him to accept Yazid as the Caliph of Islam. To this Husain objected and asked for way so that he could move towards India and professed India to be a land of peace, unity, love, respect, and sovereignty. The only option given to him was to accept Yazid as the Caliph or to die.
Remember battlefield is only for the worriers but with Husain there were ladies, children and aged friends. It was the terrorist ideas of Yazid that his men were all prepared for the war, to suppress the noble voice of real Islam.
Firstly, the Yazid’s army stopped the water supply to the camps of Husain—the one who quenched their thirst in the desert on the way to Karbala. In this desert with no water for three days the youngest son of Husain–Ali Asghar, only six months of age–could not have his mother’s nectar either, made Husain to beg for water from the terrorist of that time. He addressed the army to give some water to the child in order to save his life and child is loveable to the hardest criminal. The address of Husain was answered in form of dart, which transfixed the thirsty neck of Ali Asghar and also the arm of Husain. These acts are of terrorist not of humans.
In spite of all this, the 72 worriers of Husain did not fight against the forces of Yazid jointly hoping death after death of thirsty worriers could make some effect on the mind and soul of the evil forces. All were killed and their heads were cut and fixed on the spheres and their bodies were marred by the horses—making the episode of Karbala a blot on the humanism of humanity.
Husain’s will was to move towards India, though he could not come here physically but Indians has given Husain and his ideology due respect. All the great personalities of India; Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Bhagat Singh, Pandit Chander Prakash, Swamy Kaljuganand, Munshi Premchand, Raghupati Sahay ‘Firaq’ Gorakhpuri, to name a few, have practiced or praised Husain’s character and ideology.
On the first movement against British, Mahatma Gandhi took only 72 men with him saying, “Husain fought against the tyrant ruler with 72 men and Husain’s principles can lead India to glory”.
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru –
“Generations down line since the tragedy of Karbala have been deeply effected by the innocence of Imam Husain and his men. It has always been and will be a source of learning the ethics to lead a noble life”.
Pandit Chander Prakash –
“Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita’s chapter 12 has mentioned 14 qualities to be found in man for him to become the ‘Apostle of God’”. Panditji said, “Accumulation of all the 14 qualities are only in Imam Husain, as described by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita”.
Swamy Kaljuganand on his teachings of Karbala has given some points, which are as under –
I. All the humans are brothers irrespective of cast, creed, and colour.
II. No discrimination according to wealth and birth. All are creation of God.
III. Follow the truth until death.
IV. Face the cruel and fight against cruelty.
Raghupati Sahay ‘Firaq’ Gorakhpuri –
“Name of Husain is nectar for humanity. This name wettens my eyes and I fall short of words to describe his everesting personality”.
Rulers of India–not only Muslims–have have been mourning on the tragedy of Karbala year after year. Many Hindus and Sikhs decorate Tazia (Tableau of Husain’s grave), Alam (Sacred flag) and do Matam (Breast-beating) on the advent of Muharram and believe in Husain’s saying, “DEATH OF HONOUR IS BETTER THAN LIFE OF DISHONOUR”.
It is the love of our fellow Indians that we mourn our forefathers on the roads of our country without a slightest fear of anything. We spread the word of Husain—LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009


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FEMALES: THE POWER WITHIN POWERED by NADEEM NAQVI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.
Women liberation a topic misleading the calm power of the females to detract the culture in a broader prospective…
Sitting in a restaurant with a female friend of mine–friend who should know all the problems of a friend–who was uncomfortable and feeling dizzy, I asked, “Is there some problem?” “No,” was an instant reply. I considering her health suggested her to meet some other day to which she objected as for her time was constrain. But her attitude was not permitting me to be normal in our discussion. I reasoned for a false implication of going somewhere and dropped her home. ‘She has never reacted in this stupid manner then what was her problem today?’ thought haunted me for a close friend, as concern is inevitable. I discussed it with mother of another friend–a gynecologist–regarding the behaviour she was having—doctor has known both of us since our childhood. The reply to the abnormal behaviour was catamenia; which she could have herself told me before coming to meet me. Still the females are shy to discuss the disorder which is inevitable, and we are discussing the liberation of women.
One of the co-writers in a column in India Today has been using the expression ‘Woman of Today’. I personally consider woman to be beacon of adoration and also the prime source of pollination of the human-race since ages and now to corrupt her identity the terms like ‘Woman of Today’ is being used.
The population of the world can be divided into two major segments — male and female. Male and female are not only different in the constitutional aspect but are also by virtue in relation to their nature and temperamental inclination. Though the difference are like the poles of the magnet still the Creator of the universe has bestowed the elements like attraction, love, adoration and mercy among the both which keep them inclined to one another. These elements implanted in them since birth are must for the smooth and hassle free progress of the universe and the existence of the humanity.
In respect to the sexual liberty for the female I also consider it to be a part of freedom in ones life, but still the liberty has some fencing. Standard of today are much higher for women; is only a sham and slogans to detract the society from a cultured one to a uncultured one. In the later years of the last century and the early years of the present century serials started with the woman liberation being the prime motive. The female viewers raised the TRP and the organization from scratch became a big production house. Now if you talk to the keen viewers of those serials the response is, “The word woman has been degraded by the maker and we were only viewing to understand the fashion trends. All these so-called family soups should be off-air”.
In today’s world the woman has learned to voice her demands and problems but still I don’t find a single lady in the present society to compete to the towering personalities of Rani Lakshmibai, Razia Sultan, Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi, etc. Female is the power to nurture the culture and has always created stories which made the greatest saying of the west, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman,’ we have never heard anything vice versa. Today woman is on the highest rank in offices and even our Head of the State, but still the liberty of woman is being talked about only in the urban India though the roots are still weak and the condition is apathetical.
If talking about the atrocities on woman, the system has to be changed. The ego of not tolerating a female boss considering anything to everything, respecting woman as the root for the family, discussing problems as only the opposite sex can render; a different viewpoint are only few thing which should be done in order to respect the other half of God’s creation and thus respecting God, which could start from one's own house and prove ‘Charity begins at home’.